: HB 7-SIM2


  • High brightness single-chip DLP®-based projector (1920x1080 pixels)
  • DUAL LAMP: 2 x 350W
  • High Brightness: up to 7,000 Ansi Lumens
  • Contrast ratio: up to 8,000:1
  • Choice of 3 Lenses: M1/M2/M3
  • Full Remote Monitoring & Software Upgrade
  • Calibration Probe

Product Detail:

Large Venue and graphics resolution projector

Engineered for the most demanding installations, HB7-SIM2 brings a balanced approach to high brightness projection, with a quality of picture that rivals that of the best projectors in its category. Designed to be used with large screen sizes or in brightly-lit light room conditions, where high light output is a necessity, HB 7-SIM2’s optical elements maximize light output (7,000 Ansi Lumens) from its dual high power UHP lamps (2x 350W). This is a star performer that has the power and clarity to satisfy the most demanding viewer and the ability to deliver bright, rich images in real-world lighting conditions

HB 7-SIM2 features a Calibration probe interfaced with the projector’s built-in processing electronics that allows (through refined feedback algorithms) a real time reaction to the environmental conditions. HB 7-SIM2 advanced connectivity: Full Monitoring and Software Upgrade - through a dedicated IP address and a port, service centers can connect with the projector, which will in-turn communicate back a parameter list (i.e. Serial Number, Firmware version, lamp hours used, selected input and resolution, image settings etc.). The service center will have the capability to evaluate a reported issue with the projector and make the necessary adjustments (where possible) to rectify the issue - remotely. HB 7-SIM2 also utilizes full 10 Bit video processing, with high definition scaling and de-interlacing capabilities, to create the highest video images quality from all sources (including 3D). HB 7-SIM22 comes with focus and lens shift memory feature. HB 7-SIM2 features PureMovie, PureAction, and PureAction 3D (*) modes - each optimized for the various demands of computer, movie, sport and 3D viewing – and SIM2’s Live Colors Calibration 2 software that enables complete adjustment of the primary, secondary and white point color coordinates of the projector.