: HI-110 SIM2


  • Hidden multifunction large diplays: control rooms, hospitality, meet- ing rooms, public places
  • Smart Control
  • Discreet high-tech display
  • Designed to be positioned close to the wall (just a few cm away)
  • SIM2 quality images up to 110 inches in size
  • No Screen needed. Image may be projected directly on the wall
  • Stylish made-in-Italy design
  • 16 special coating layers on the top crystal glass
  • Powered by Laser and DLP technology
  • Brightness up to 2900 lumens
  • Available in Black and White crystal-glass finish

Product Detail:

HI 110-SIM2(1) is a patented high-tech display device designed to be positioned close to the screen or wall and incorporated(2) into a piece of furniture or, rather like a light fixture, into a ceiling design feature, to become a space-saving and a sure and safe solution.

HI 110-SIM2 is the result of intense research to fully integrate visual imaging with infrastructure design.

SIM2’s R&D department challenged itself to combine the latest technological advances, extraordinary design thinking and top-class performance into a product that is unmistakably SIM2. The use of LASER technology allows HI 110-SIM2(1) to reach a maximum brightness of 2900 Ansi Lumens almost instantaneously. Also, LASER technology makes the HI 110-SIM2 a truly “Green display”: no mercury lamps and no need of lamp replacement, thus avoiding the pollution caused during lamp disposal. A special lens makes HI 110-SIM2 highly adaptable to different viewing environments, and gives it the ultimate flexibility in installation(2). HI 110-SIM2 has three HDMI inputs to easily connect video sources (UHD BD player, satellite/ cable DVR, computers/ servers, media streamers, games console, etc.), and it can be easily integrated into a control system via IR receiver. An adjustable light engine ensure that HI 110-SIM2 can be perfectly positioned to the wall/screen. HI 110-SIM2 has micrometric adjustments(2) to achieve optimum alignment. The finishing touch is that all that is visible is the top crystal glass surface. An elaborate process is applied to the surface of the crystal-glass to ensure that any unwanted stray light is tightly controlled. SIM2’s R&D department used complex raytracing analysis to finalize the specifications of the coatings.

SIM2 engineers are available to help configuring and customizing your SIM2 solution so that it fits your infrastracture and allows you to realize the best value