ProCinema Line: ProC4

  • Compact 3-chip DarkChip4™ DMD Full HD (1080p) DLP®- based projector (<13 Kg)
  • High Brightness and native high contrast ratio
  • High light efficiency with custom optics and optimized lamps
  • Customizable formats (CinemaScope (2.35:1), Academy Flat (1.85:1) & wide (1.78:1))
  • Full Digital inputs: DVI via HDMI™ (HDMI-HDCP compatible)
  • High Bit rate video processing (10 Bit per color)
  • Choice of 3 long throw zoom lenses, vertical shift.
  • The smallest and lightest 3-Chip DLP® projector (<13 Kg.)
  • New EasyCinema Software for accurate colorimetry calibration
  • Metal cabinet and horizontal shift option (double projection)
  • Easy access to lamp for replacement
  • Greater freedom for colorist & director through: P7 Wide color gamut compatible with REC709

The ProC4 projector system has been designed to meet the requirements of emerging digital cinema and
post production applications. The ProC4 achieves this extraordinary picture quality through the partnership of the latest 0,95" 1080p DC4 DLP® chipset from Texas Instruments and the precision optics of SIM2’s ALPHAPATH™ die-cast engine.
This projector delivers high brightness, remarkable black depth for a perfect contrast ratio and image richness. The ProC4 utilizes true 10-bit video processing (with high-definition internal scaling and de-interlacing capabilities) to create clean, artefact-free video images.
10-bits-per-channel processing produces 1024 shades of gray (or shades of a single color): the result is the ability to render over 1 billion colors on-screen, whilst also making the projector compatible with Full HD 1080p content (including 1080p@24fps).

For ease of installation, the projector sports three high quality glass lens options, namely T1 (optional lens with short throw ratio: 1,37-1,66:1), T2 (standard lens with long throw ratio: 1,75-2,48:1) and T3 (optional lens with long throw ratio 2,54-3,9:1), making it possible to project an immaculate image on a big screen.
ProC4 features SIM2’s Live Color Management and EasyCinema Software offering complete control over color temperature via user-defined P7 adjustments corresponding to specific points on the CIE chart (i.e. REC 709) that defines color coordinates for cinema and video picture specialists (i.e. post production).
The ProC4 Gamma Correction (that determines the system's response to the gray scale) optimizes image-based variations in the source material and individual preferences (up to 16 parametric gamma curves ranging from 1.5 to 3 with a 0.1 increment).


Technology DLP® Type, 3 Chip DMDs HD2 DC4
DMD Panel Resolution 1920 x 1080
Lens 3 lenses with motorized zoom and focus adj.
Brightness 4500 ANSI lm;
Lamp power consumption 280W (dimmable)
Lamp lifespan >2.000 hrs.* average life time


Throw ratio 1,75-2,48:1 (standard lens - type T2)
1,37-1,66:1 (type T1 – on request)
2,54-3,9:1 (type T3 – on request).
Lens shift half up picture =+50% total
Digital keystone adjustment
Picture size base up to 9 mt (29,5 ft) in Cinemascope format (2,35:1)
Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9 Anamorphic, LetterBox, panoramic, pixel to pixel + 3 custom-user adjustments


Horizontal & Vertical scan Frequency 15-110kHz/48-100Hz
SDTV PAL (B,G,H,I,M,N,60); SECAM; NTSC automatically selected
Video modes
Interlaced: 576i and 1080i @25Hz, 480i and 1080i @30Hz
Progressive: 720p & 1080p @ 24/25/23,98/29,97 Hz; 576p, 720p & 1080p @50 Hz; 480p 720p & 1080p @ 60 Hz.
PC/MAC from VGA to UXGA @ 65Hz
On Board Video Processing
Video delay max processing delay 4 frames
Video processor built in, full 10 bit
Contrast ratio (Full ON/ Full OFF) >3000:1


Analog 1 x S-Video (mini DIN 4 pins)
1 x Composite Video (RCA)
1 x RGBS-YCrCb (4 RCA)
1 x RGBHV (D-Sub 15 pin)
Digital 2 x HDMI™-HDCP compliant
1 x OUT Digital Audio (Toslink)
Control 1 x USB connector
1 x RS232 (D-Sub 9 pin)
2 x 12 V 100 mA screen trigger (via jack)
1 x Input External IR sensor


Safety in compliance with EN 60950/UL60950.
Emission in compliance with EN 60522.
Immunity in compliance with EN 60522


Description: ProC4 - Catalog EN
ProC4 - Catalog EN
ProC4 - Catalog EN
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