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Hanging Dots search for term

An artifact of composite video signals that appears as a stationary, zipper-like, horizontal border between colors.

HDCP search for term

High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. Created by Intel, HDCP is used with HDTV signals over DVI and HDMI connections and on D-Theatre D-VHS recordings to prevent unauthorized duplication of copy-written material.

HDMI search for term

HDTV connection format using a DVI interface that transfers uncompressed digital video with HDCP copy protection and multichannel audio.

HDTV search for term

HDTV is a new television standard that uses digital signals rather than the current analogue broadcast standard. HDTV signals contain over 700 horizontal lines of resolution compared to the 525 lines of resolution that analogue provides. HDTV is also geared toward a rectangular wide screen format (16:9) for a true theatre-like experience. HDTV images are digitized and compressed before signal transmission to enable their tremendous quantity of information to pass through easily. The signals are then decompressed when they reach the television.

High Gain Screen search for term

A screen that uses one of many methods to collect light and reflect it back to the audience, which dramatically increase the brightness of the image over a white wall or semi-matte screen. Technologies used include curved screens, special metal foil screens (some polarized), and certain glass bead screens. Prices and performance vary tremendously.

Horizontal Resolution search for term

Detail in transitions in the horizontal direction, is partially determined by Contrast level. It goes down as contrast goes up. In the video world, horizontal resolution is measured in terms of a distance along the horizontal axis equal to the height of the picture The computer world chooses to specify horizontal resolution across the entire width of the line. A 640 by 480 picture has an equal picture resolution capability in both the horizontal and vertical direction.

Hue (Hue or Tint Control) search for term

Red, yellow, blue, etc. are hues of color or types of color. Hue is the parameter of color that allows us to distinguish between colors.