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Fiber Optic Cable search for term

Glass, plastic, or hybrid fiber cable that transmits digital signals as light pulses.

Field search for term

The picture information in an interlaced video system is divided up into two equal parts, called fields. A field is one-half of a frame or complete video picture.

FireWire search for term

See IEEE 1394.

Frame search for term

In film or video, a frame is a complete picture. In interlaced NTSC video a frame consists of two fields. In a videodisc, the word frame refers to a single picture. It can mean film picture or video picture.

Frequency search for term

The number of cycles (vibrations) per second. In audio, audible frequencies commonly range from 20 to 20,000 cycles per second (Hz). In video, frequency is used to define the image resolution. Low-frequency video images depict large objects or images. Higher frequencies depict smaller objects (finer details).

Front projection TV search for term

Front projection is a method of viewing that utilizes a video projector (usually mounted on the ceiling). The image is projected onto a separate unit, typically a retractable movie screen. The front projection method allows for projection onto screen sizes that exceed 300 inches. Front projection technologies include DLP™ technology, CRT, and LCD.

Full On/Off Contrast search for term

Contrast is the ratio between white and black. The larger the contrast ratio the greater the ability of a projector to show subtle color details and tolerate extraneous room light. There are two methods used by the projection industry: 1) Full On/Off contrast measures the ratio of the light output of an all white image (full on) and the light output of an all black (full off) image. 2) ANSI contrast is measured with a pattern of 16 alternating black and white rectangles. The average light output from the white rectangles is divided by the average light output of the black rectangles to determine the ANSI contrast ratio. When comparing the contrast ratio of projectors make sure you are comparing the same type of contrast. Full On/Off contrast will always be a larger number than ANSI contrast for the same projector.